FLY 2017 – From One Youth Worker to Another

Posted: May 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

I want to give you a challenge: can you bring two more students to FLY 2017?

Let me tell you a story. There are kids in my group who have been excited to go to this year’s FLY Convention ever since they stepped off the bus when we got home from FLY 2015. A few of them were so excited that they wanted to invite a few of their friends. Those friends said yes, signed up, and helped recruit a few other students to come along with us this summer.

Truth be told, these kids who were invited by their friends aren’t involved in our church. I know their names and where they go to school. I know that one of them likes listening to Propaganda and Lecrae and that one of them has a truly enormous dog named Baxter. As much as I don’t know them, I know that FLY is a great and unique place to get to know them better.

I’ve been thinking about them as July 3rd gets closer, especially when I think about the mission statement of FLY. The Convention is more than a social outing for church kids. It strives to provide those who attend (both students and adults) with tools to win the lost. The believer is built up in their relationship with Jesus and people are better equipped to be disciple-makers back at their church when FLY wraps up on Friday.

Think about what happens out in Colorado: there’s no denying that it’s a fun-packed event full of activities in an amazing part of the country, but there’s something more that goes on during that time. God is at work in the lives of our students – even those students who are not active in our ministries back at home.

I want to apologize – the more I read, review and edit this, the more it sounds like a sales pitch in my head and I don’t mean for it to come across that way. Let me be clear: I’m not writing this so that we can set a record in 2017 for having the most students come. I’m writing this as a call to action. I’m challenging you, my fellow youth workers (whether you’re paid full time, part time, or are volunteering), out of a desire to see God work in your group throughout the week and beyond. I’m challenging you to allow the week in Colorado to draw students who might not have ever come to your youth group to hear the Gospel for potentially the first time.

Will you please take up this challenge? Will you seek out one or two students who might be interested in coming? Will you pursue those who may have just realized that their summer schedule is more open than they previously thought it was? Will you seek out sponsors from your fellow church members who would be willing to help pay the way for those who want to come but are in a financial bind? Will you jump any hurdle (transportation details, finances, etc.) that comes up so that kids can come to hear and learn about Jesus? And if all else fails, will you do everything you can to find a way to connect with them after FLY 2017 is over and done?

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